TRA Black Caucus

On February 9th, TRA’s Black Caucus voted unanimously to pass its consensus-built demands of and agenda for the Trust Respect Access coalition. This effort was spearheaded at the caucus’s first ever convening, which was held in Dallas from February 8th until February 10th. The purpose of the convening was three-fold.


Our hope was to develop deeper familiarity among caucus members-politically and personally,


to build a proactive agenda,


and to establish demands that, if fulfilled, would serve as restitution for harm perpetrated against Black partners in TRA.


During our time together, we accomplished all of that and more. 

CREAM retreat (1).png
CREAM retreat (1).png
CREAM retreat (1).png


Roe V. Wade



On February 28th, The Black Caucus demanded the following of Trust Respect Access Coalition: 

  1. Public acknowledgement of participation in perpetuating anti-Blackness within the Trust Respect Access coalition. 

  2. Public acknowledgement of the anti-Black origins of Trust Respect Access coalition. 

  3. Public acknowledgement of the value that the integration of Black organizations and the coalition’s abortion funds added to the coalition’s reputation and engagement. 

  4. Full implementation of the recommendations outlined in the anti-Blackness findings published by 400+1, with the exception of the recommendation that names office-lending or space sharing. In place of that recommendation is the ask that organizations pre-identified on the basis of equity list their spaces for potential use when coalition-wide efforts require that support. 

  5. Tangible support of the legislative and/or programming priorities of one of the exclusively Black organizations. 

  6. Payment of an anti-Blackness fine that comprises 1% of the budget of each non-Black organization to a coalition-wide reparations fund. 

  7. Annual payment of 1% of each non-Black organization’s budget to a coalition-wide reparations fund. This payment should grow by 1% every year, capping at 10%. 

  8. Built-in Black caucus space at all TRA meetings and convenings. 

  9. Participation in a reporting-system that allows individual board members, staff, and volunteers of partner organizations to report anti-Blackness experienced at said organizations to the Black caucus. 

  10. Discretionary contributions to a digital fund for Black whistle-blowers. 

  11. Risk taking for the purpose of protecting those most marginalized from the dangers of resisting reproductive oppression. 

  12. Relinquishment of any decision-making power and commitment to the leadership of the Black caucus until January 1st 2024. The Black caucus will serve as TRA’s steering committee and will direct the efforts of the RHRJ Support Team until that time. 



Over the next year, the Black Caucus asks that the coalition focus its collaborative efforts on the following: 

  1. Demonstrating accountability and offering restitution for transphobia in reproductive health, reproductive rights, reproductive justice, and reproductive revolution movements 

  2. Base building

  3. Responding to the fallout from Senate Bill 8

  4. Eradicating maternal mortality 

  5. Campaigning to build culture and shift narratives in ways that directly benefit those most marginalized by reproductive oppression (poor, Black people) 

  6. Tactical analysis 

  7. Support of Rosie’s Law 

  8. Destabilizing systems of reproductive oppression 

  9. Securing universal comprehensive sex education 

  10. Resisting the criminalization of birth outcomes 

  11. Developing food security initiatives 

  12. Responding to abortion-related Supreme Court devisions 



On February 28th, The Black Caucus demanded the following of the Trust Respect Access Coalition: 

​Hear from the founding members of the Black Caucus. These videos, only edited for formatting are the first hand accounts of those that intentionally leverage their own capacity to support the reproductive lives of their communities and those they serve in their organizations. 




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Thank you to the all the founding members of the TRA Black Caucus for demonstrating courage and self determination in the face of reproductive oppression. Thank you for your energy, labor and presence.


Founding Members:

Njera Keith and Kristina Brown of 400+1

D’Andra Willis, Michelle Anderson, Cerita Burrell, and Qiana Arnold 

Kamyon Conner of TEA Fund

Nneka Iheanacho of AVOW

Shae Ward of Lilith Fund

Malkia Hutchinson-Arvizu of RHRJ Support Team

The Black Caucus believes that the representative of TRA’s anonymous funder, Ana DeFrates, is as complicit in the perpetuation of TRA’s anti-Blackness as other non-Black partners. It also acknowledges the tangible efforts Ana continues to offer as restitution for that harm. Those efforts include: 


  • Hiring 400+1 to lead RHRJ Support Team through an anti-racist process

  • Meeting 400+1’s demand to pause all external coalition engagement until otherwise requested by the Black caucus

  • Committing to full support of the Black caucus’s demands and agenda 

  • Engaging in full transparency with respect to RHRJ Support Team’s discretionary budget

  • Using said budget’s unallocated funds to meet 400+1’s demand that Black caucus members who attended the February 8th convening receive reparations  

  • Committing 20% of any additional funding allocated to RHRJ Support Team’s 2022 discretionary budget to the Black caucus to use as it sees fit


For media inquiries, please contact: Malkia Hutchinson-Arvizu (she/her/hers), Director of Communications, TX Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice Support Team, malkia@peopleslawsuit.orgInterested in amplifying this work? To receive a media kit with messaging guidance via e-mail, please contact Malkia  at