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In The News | May

By Jim Vertuno

By Issmar Ventura

Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, has signaled that he is looking forward to signing the bill

By Shannon Najmabadi

By Erica Grieder

By Miranda

By Shannon Najmabadi

By Esther Wang

By Univision

Someone who provides funds for an abortion could also be sued, even if they didn’t know that’s what the money was being used for | By Marina Garrett, advocate for survivors of sexual assault

By Harley Tamplin

By Jack Fink

The law would also allow anyone to file a lawsuit against abortion providers | By Meredith Deliso

By Elena Gadeschi

By Shannon Najmabadi

By Associated Press

Protesters spoke out against Senate Bill 8, calling it an "attack on abortion rights."

By Dinah Chukka

By Lindsey Ragas


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